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Buddha The Barber 

Buddha the barber is an Independent barber, specializing in traditional men's haircuts - tonsorial arts, an internet entrepreneur, barbershop blogger and veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps.

A Tucson Barber Shop 

Tucson's best barbershop for traditional men's haircuts, located at 925 N. Swan Rd., Unit C, Tucson, Arizona 85711.  This is an old fashioned barbershop that was established in 1956 and is one of Tucson's longest running iconic barbershops. If you're seeking a lavish high end shop you'll find them elsewhere !

Men's Haircuts

For over the past 20 years, Christopher Sapp aka "Buddha The Barber" has been cutting traditional men's haircuts and hairstyles throughout the Tucson area.

Affordable Services

Traditional Cuts for Men

Are you looking for a traditional gentleman's haircut, flat top, fade or beard trim ? Buddha has 20+ yrs of experience as a professional barber and would be glad to help you. 

Almost always available !

Buddha is available early and late as well as Sunday & Monday. Buddha also gladly accepts walk-in clients and will be ready to give you a great hair cut, beard trim, or other service as soon as possible.

Old Fashioned, American Style, Straight Razor Neck Shave

Haircut Gallery

Your haircut will always end with a fantastic old fashioned straight razor neck shave,  the final touch your of barbershop experience and maybe a splash of Pinaud after shave.

Excellent quality services and affordable prices makes Buddha the best option for men to get their hair cut in central Tucson, Arizona.

Buddha the barber only uses premium hair and grooming products including Johnny B,  Pinaud Clubman, Reuzel and more. (Pomade, Shaving Cream, After Shave)

Premium Quality Products used by the barber
Pinaud Clubman After Shave to smell great
Reuzel Pomade finest product of ts kind
Johnny B the best hair gel on the market


9am - 1pm

Walk Ins Only

Buddha the Barber is available 7 days a week !

8am - 5pm


Make An Appointment

8am - 5pm


Make An Appointment

8am - 5pm


Make An Appointment

8am - 5pm


Make An Appointment

8am - 5pm


Make  An Appointment

8am - 4pm


Make An Appointment

Credit Cards Accepted by the barber

Buddha The Barber Tucson

Men's Haircuts

For over the past 20 years, Christopher Sapp aka (Buddha the barber) has been doing traditional men's haircuts and hairstyles throughout metro Tucson. His quality services and affordable prices make him the best choice for men to get their hair cut in Tucson, AZ. Buddha the barber has always maintained a great reputation with his clientel due of his high quality of services.

Old School Straight Razor Neck shave

Buddha the barber Tucson uses a fresh blade with every neck shave to ensure the smoothest, cleanest, possible shave leaving every customer looking fresh and clean.

Traditional Cuts, Flat Tops, Fades

Top Quality Haircuts

Buddha the barber works at A Tucson Barber shop, in midtown Tucson, and gives top notch haircuts at affordable Tucson prices. So when its time for your next haircut, be  sure to make an appoinment online via his website, facebook, schedulicity or call him on his business line.

Buddha Comes in Early, and Stays Late

Whether you need and early or late haircut Buddha has you covered, just make an appointment or call and see if you can just walk in.

Classic Beard Styles

What kind of beard style would you look best sporting? Buddha can suggest the best beard style that fits your face. You can rock whatever beard you want, however, does it look good or is it a complete disaster ?

Whether is an old fashioned haircut, flat top, or fade, Buddha has you covered. These type of cuts are the meat and potatoes of the industry, while others are focused on hair tattoo's and other outragious styles, Buddha focuses on what never changes, and that's good old American styles.

Top Quality Barber Services



A general Haircut is one of the most requested services at "A Tucson Barbershop". Take your time and tell Buddha what you would like.

Hair cut (Reg) - $24

A “Regular” haircut is the gold standard of all American hairstyles, this is a no nonsene basic cut, that looks good on most everybody. You'll have the appearance of respectability in no time !

Seniors 65 yrs + - $21

Everyone deserves a discount after age 65 !

Fade w/Line Up - $24

A "Fade" Haircut is a skin tight cut that can go, low, medium, high or just with tapered corners and nape. Just let Buddha know how you like it.  Comes with complete straight razor line up.

Flat Top - $26


A Beard or moustache needs to fit the shape of your face and compliment your hairstyle, let Buddha do his magic and you'll be looking good in no

time !

Beard Trim  - $9

Make your beard great again ! Buddha will trim and shape your facial hair into greatness and help tame that caveman beard or moustache. #MYBGA


Line up (edge up)  - $9

A line up which is also commonly referred to as a edge up or shape up, is that fresh distinct outline you see going around the edges of many 


Razor Fade - $26

A " Razor Fade" Haircut is similiar to a regular fade only a straight razor is used to get that extra smooth tightness that many customers demand.

A "Flat Top" Haircut is a classic old school stand by that is still worn to this day. You can have it skin tight or long on the sides, square or rounded corners, let Buddha know your prefered style.

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