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Barbering and Social Media

What do you see people doing everday....all day ? Are you ready to capitalize on it ???

If you haven't noticed already barbering has become increasingly competitive and popular. There are 3 main reasons for this:

#1 Barbering has had a renaissance in the last 10-15 years, it has become the "new cool" in the hair industry with trendy new shops, products, and services being introduced everyday. Even life long cosmetologists are crossing over to become licensed barbers !

#2 Barber college can be completed in less then a year and is still relatively cheap to attend compared to other trade schools. That's a win-win for average person these days.

#3 People are looking for careers with longevity, with the never ending increase of automation, barbering won't be taken over by robots anytime soon. You are safe for now !

With more barbershops opening and barbers entering the work force the competition for customers is growing out of control. Unless your shop is located in an area with heavy foot traffic you're going to need to take action above and beyond the norm. You just can't rely on walk ins, flyers, word of mouth, and business cards to fill up your books anymore. You need to put every marketing weapon to use in order to stay busy ! With properly implemented marketing, you'll never have an empty chair as long as you have respectable barbering skills.

Although striving to become the very best barber is honorable and admirable, it does not always mean your chair will be fully booked. A less skilled barber can work circles around the very best barbers by just out marketing, out hustling and just showing up daily. If you strive for both, you'll be unstoppable !

There are generally 5 types of barbers:

⦁ Barber A: Barber (A), shows up for late for work, does the bare minimum, takes long breaks, always complains, gossips, plays games and watches videos on phone, leaves early, stays out late and parties, is always broke, constantly late on chair rent, dramafied, struggles to survive, and never markets.

⦁ Barber B: Is a typical barber, shows up for work, is relatively busy, takes short breaks, is generally content, plays games and watches videos on phone, is drama free, is a warm body at the shop and occasionally markets.

⦁ Barber C: A variation of (A) and (B).

⦁ Barber D: Shows up early for work, is always busy, rarely takes a break, is always improving his or her business and barbering skills, uses phone for mostly business purposes, is an entrepreneur in and out of the barbershop, sometimes stays late, is always marketing, and is never financially content.

⦁ Barber E: A variation of (B) and (D).

Which one are you ?

With the help of social media, a positive attitude, and the willingness to look outside the box, the possibilities are endless to succeed in barbering world and beyond

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